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Cockroach Control Methods in California

One of the most common pests that humans deal with are cockroaches. These insects are so common because they are very difficult to get rid of.

While there are a lot of treatments that can kill off cockroaches, the most effective way to prevent and eliminate a cockroach infestation is thorough sanitation. Roaches are drawn into a home when searching for food. Proper sanitation will eliminate food sources, making it more difficult for roaches to find food and encouraging them to establish residence somewhere else.

Another approach to cockroach control is to find ways to prevent the cockroach from getting into the home in the first place. A proper home inspection will identify areas where the roaches can sneak into the home. However, roaches are often able to enter a home through bags and food containers, there is no way to completely prevent a cockroach infestation.

Even those who have excellent sanitation, the homeowner sometimes needs to take more aggressive measures. Two of the most common and non-toxic methods of eliminating cockroaches is the use of insecticidal soaps and boric acid. Insecticidal soaps cause the contents of the insect cells to leak from the insect. This leads to the cockroach dying rather quickly. Boric acid is another approach acts as an abrasive to the cockroach exoskeleton, causing the insect to dry out. When ingested, the boric acid acts as a stomach poison. Since the roaches will carry the bait back to the nest, applications of boric acid can wipe out the entire infestation.

Other methods of cockroach control include insecticidal sprays and baits. Some baits are designed to trap the roaches so that they starve. These baits are helpful because they help the homeowner know the extent of the roach infestation. However, even when every method of roach control is implemented, the roaches can still survive in the home for a long time.

Professional cockroach control in California will not only do a better job locating the primary source of the roach infestation, but are also able to find extermination methods that are safe for the family and environmentally friendly. Many chemicals designed to kill cockroaches can also be toxic to humans in large quantities. For this reason, professional extermination services are the best option.

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